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CGTrader launches its new 3D-printed meme competition, inviting 3D designers to create a 3D-printed meme and then make it viral online for big prizes. more

11 Mar 2014 15:59 PERSONALIZE

The presence of 3D printed jewellery is every increasing as demonstrated by top jewellery store American Pearl's growing popularity. more

27 Dec 2013 10:00 PERSONALIZE

December will be here before the weekend is here. This can mean but one thing! Time to start decorating. Here are our favourite 3D printed decorations. more

29 Nov 2013 15:37 PERSONALIZE 1 Comments

We grabbed some time with the Sculpteo CEO to discuss how 3D printing can mean mass-production of unique items and how Sculpteo are making it easy for us all to become creators. more

9 Oct 2013 16:08 PERSONALIZE

In perhaps one of the most surprising mainstream moves into 3D printing yet. ebay have launched an app on the iOS store that allows users to customise all manner of products to be then 3D printed. more

12 Jul 2013 18:22 PERSONALIZE

The Belgian 3D Printing service are hoping to make it big in Japan as they launch a Japanese language version of their site. more

4 Jul 2013 11:13 PERSONALIZE

Jonas Neubert, a graduate of Hod Lipson's Cornell class, has created an extensive 3D printing price comparison website. more

19 Jun 2013 14:52 PERSONALIZE


Tom Dixon

The British furniture design and manufacturing firm have partnered with Sculpteo and Dassault Systems to encourage designers from across the globe to make their own 3D printed furniture. more

8 Apr 2013 11:28 PERSONALIZE



Apple have a sneaky habit of changing their charging connectors, in this article we explore how 3D printing could solve the problems these changes cause. more

25 Mar 2013 10:30 PERSONALIZE

David Vs Goliath

Bleacher Report

We've seen a new marketplace on pretty much a daily basis at the moment, will any of these startups be able to take on the might of Shapeways, Sculpteo, iMaterialise and co? Daniel O'Connor investigates. more

7 Mar 2013 11:25 PERSONALIZE


Infinite Dreams

Infinite Dreams Inc's number one app Let's Create! Pottery teams up with Sculpteo to bring your virtual ceramics to life using 3D printing. more

4 Mar 2013 11:22 PERSONALIZE

Citron research published a damning report of 3D Systems stock last week which caused stocks to drop, what does this mean to the wider 3D printing world? more

18 Feb 2013 09:20 PERSONALIZE

Autodesk 123D Creature


Autodesk have released their latest 123D app which lets you create your own wicked beast right on your iPad and then print it out more

14 Feb 2013 11:15 PERSONALIZE

Valentine's Day trinkets


What could prove to your better half that you love them more than a 3D printed trinket? Check out our favourite Valentine's Day 3D prints. more

12 Feb 2013 11:15 PERSONALIZE

Did 3D Printing sink or swim through the tidal wave that is CES? Who were the winners? Who were the losers? And who would even try to do the show in just 24 hours?? more

15 Jan 2013 10:10 PERSONALIZE

Sculpteo awarded with the prestigious ‘Honoree’ Best of Innovations 2013 Award for its 3DPCase mobile application, which was launched TCT Show + Personalize in September. more

13 Nov 2012 12:36 PERSONALIZE

On Friday, 3DPCase launched the first ever mobile app for manufacturing cool and bespoke 3D printed iPhone cases, fully enabled by 3D Printing Cloud Technology. more

10 Sep 2012 10:45 PERSONALIZE

3D Printing: Purchasing Power at your Fingertips

So where can you peruse — and easily purchase — these marvelous 3D printed consumer products I am talking about? This latest post will point you in the right direction. more

2 Aug 2012 08:56 Guest Column