iPhone compatibility makes 3D scanning more portable than ever with a host of upgrades and improvements for the iSense 3D scanner and app. more

17 Jun 2015 17:02 Imaging

San Diego Comic-Con International attracts sum 130,000 visitors and 3D Systems think that they may be interested in some of their brands including the recently acquired Gentle Giant Ltd. more

22 Jul 2014 13:52 News

3D Systems launch their latest consumer 3D scanner peripheral, which clips simply onto the back of your iPad, enabling you to capture three-dimensionally on the go. more

25 Jun 2014 16:33 Imaging

Combining 3D printing and 3D scanning for a child's show and tell school project. more

1 May 2014 16:54 PERSONALIZE

3D Systems have released a software update for their popular handheld 3D scanner as well as making it available to Mac users. more

11 Apr 2014 16:01 PERSONALIZE

CREAT3D open their 3D Printer showroom in Reading. more

31 Mar 2014 16:53 PERSONALIZE

This week with the Sense 3D Scanner Dan attempts to scan his own dog and a stuffed toy version of the World's Cutest Dog, Boo. more

13 Feb 2014 15:11 PERSONALIZE

In our third week with the Cubify Sense scanner Dan scanned a gnome and tried to print it on a formlabs machine. Check out the results. more

6 Feb 2014 17:00 PERSONALIZE

We’re at week two now of our time with 3D System’s handheld 3D scanner, the Sense. Dan tries to scan and print a Cube, not the shape, the printer! more

30 Jan 2014 16:50 PERSONALIZE

We're going to scan and print using several different techniques with the 3D Systems Sense Scanner. more

23 Jan 2014 20:25 PERSONALIZE

The Cubify 3D Scanner is an accessible consumer grade product. Ben Heck's video gives tips to optimising your scans. more

24 Dec 2013 12:03 PERSONALIZE 3 Comments

3D Systems has launched what it is calling the first optimised-for-3D consumer 3D scanner, the Sense. more

8 Nov 2013 14:58 Imaging 1 Comments