Simulation could be the catalyst for additive technologies to be truly adopted for series production, Daniel O'Connor looks at why. more


Simufact Engineering Ampower


Simufact Engineering and Ampower, an industrial additive manufacturing consultancy firm, are working together to increase the capabilities of simulation for metal-based AM processes. more


EOS and Additive Works have collaborated to develop Amphyon, a pre-processing simulation software designed to enhance additive manufacturing workflows. more


Additive Print ANSYS


ANSYS, an engineering software developer, has released two new software platforms designed to assist industry players using metal additive manufacturing technology. more


Carbon has announced a new version of its next-generation 3D printing software which expands its tool offering to make printing parts easier, optimise the use of supports, and minimise post processing. more


Simulation is a big deal here at formnext and ANSYS has filled an additive sized hole in its simulation workbench by acquiring 3DSIM. more

TCT Conference @ Formnext

Join additive manufacturing experts at Dassault Systèmes to learn about functional generative design to manufacturing planning to simulating the additive manufacturing process. more


LimitState will demonstrate how its LimitState:FORM software can work in tandem with ANSYS Discovery Live software at TCT Show. more

TCT Show

CGTech, a developer of software for manufacturing processes, has released the latest version of its VERICUT platform. more


Toolcraft has turned to Simufact Additive’s simulation software solution to advance its metal 3D printing service. more


Discovery Live Ansys


Ansys, a leading company in engineering simulation and 3D design software solutions, has launched its new Discovery Live platform, which enables the instant simulation of 3D designs. more


CGTech has announced that the next version of its CNC Simulation software, VERICUT, will include a new Additive Manufacturing simulation module. more


Simufact Engineering, a leader in the simulation of metal forming and joining processes, has released an updated version of its simulation solution for metal-based additive manufacturing. more


Simufact Engineering announces launch of Simufact Additive and collaborates with Renishaw on QuantAM software. more


Autodesk adds fully integrated and simple simulation capabilities to Fusion 360 to optimise designs for prototyping and manufacturing. more


Safety organisation UL announces collaboration with 3DSIM to advance additive manufacturing process simulations. more


MachineWorks showcases suite of CNC Simulation and verification and polygonal mesh processing software for the second time at the annual AMUG conference more


After possibly one of THE most emotional speeches ever given at a conference by Steven Levine was joined on stage by CEO Bernard Charles to announce some exciting news. more

Daniel O'Connor's Blog 2 Comments

Rose Brooke travelled to Munich for RTT Excite 2014, in which RTT becomes 3DXCITE following the Dassault Systèmes acquisition. Here are her thoughts on this major event in the 3D design and software calendar. more

Guest Blogs

Human heart in Gray's Anatomy

Gray's Anatomy

Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE 3D visualisation software has played a part in making a highly realistic digital simulation of a human heart, which could pave the way for better diagnosis and treatment for heart disease patients. more