Shapeways Blog-Accura-Gears


Shapeways has announced it now houses stereolithography (SLA) technology as it works to boost the service it offers to customers around the world. Read more


3d-systems-Advanced-Additive-Manufacturing Centre

3D Systems

3D Systems has expanded the capacity of its On-Demand service within Europe with the opening of a new additive manufacturing facility in Pinerolo, Italy. Read more


PostProcess Tech PG1.2 3D Printed SLA Parts

PostProcess Technologies

PostProcess Technologies has developed a new SLA resin removal chemistry, optimised for the company’s DEMI and CENTI post-printing machines. Read more




Henkel has launched a portfolio of 3D printing resins and post processing bonding kit under the Loctite brand. Read more


BASF Venture Capital GmbH has invested an undisclosed amount in Prismlab, a Chinese 3D printing OEM. Read more


ARRK Online

ARRK Europe

ARRK Europe has launched a new online quoting and ordering service for parts additively manufactured with stereolithography and selective laser sintering. Read more


uniontech RSPro800-Sterolithography


UnionTech has announced the opening of a Stereolithography Demonstration Center in the Chicago area, enabling year-round hands-on access to its 3D printing equipment for potential buyers. Read more


Ackuretta, a manufacturer of professional 3D printers, has released to market its Ceramic Resin under the company’s Qura brand of materials. Read more


Tethon 3D is to embark on a project to produce and commercialise a desktop digital light processing (DLP) system that is designed to print ceramic and metal materials. Read more


UnionTech has highlighted the benefits of open source equipment after its 3D printing equipment was harnessed to produce architectural models. Read more


Arkema will open a 3D Printing Center of Excellence where the company will drive the further development of 3D printing resins next week. Read more


NewPro3D part


TCT speaks to NewPro3D after the official launch of its NP1 DLP 3D printing system which boasts the company's Intelligent Liquid Interface technology. Read more


ARRK, a product development specialist group, combined CNC machining and 3D printing technology to produce prototypes of Hozelock’s new Auto Reel system. Read more


Tethon 3D, a developer of ceramic 3D printing materials, has launched a new photo-curing ceramic polymer resin for use in SLA and DLP printers. Read more


In his latest column, Todd Grimm warns why getting carried away with oneself at 3D printing tradeshow is not a good idea. Read more

The Todd Grimm Column

The man with the most rightful claim to the title 'Father of 3D Printing' wasn't able to attend the TCT Awards gala but Chuck Hull did send us a short video directly from 3D Systems HQ. Read more

TCT Hall of Fame

Group Editor, Dan O'Connor takes a look at a host of new launches in resin-based 3D printing. Read more

Daniel O'Connor's Blog

Shanghai Union Technology has agreed a partnership in principle with Somos to promote its stereolithography (SLA) materials and launched a new software option for its PILOT series. Read more

TCT Conference @ Formnext

UnionTech to show applications for stereolithography and increase growth at formnext powered by tct. Read more

TCT Conference @ Formnext

DWS manufacturing


Techniplas, a designer and manufacturer of automotive products, has begun a partnership with DWS (Digital Wax Systems) to enhance its additive manufacturing capabilities. Read more