Bowman International bearings.

Bowman International

Bowman International is set to strengthen its additive manufacturing division by taking on AMFG’s AI-powered automation software to enhance end-part production. more


Sinterit Lisa new and improved


Sinterit has announced it is launching an updated version of its flagship Lisa platform, which available for pre-order immediately. more


Ogle Models and Prototypes has harnessed selective laser sintering (SLS) technology to produce racing car parts for Coventry University students ahead of the Formula Student competition next month. more


ARRK, a product development specialist group, combined CNC machining and 3D printing technology to produce prototypes of Hozelock’s new Auto Reel system. more


Kason Corporation, a manufacturer of screening and processing equipment, has introduced the 3D-ReKlaimer Metal Powder Recovery System for 3D printing systems. more

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FabRx Fabrizio_Fina_in_front_of_the_Sintratec_Kit


FabRx, a research group looking to harness 3D printing for the production of medicine, has invested in Sintratec Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology. more


Lubrizol, a specialty chemicals company, has introduced its first three 3D printing material products after its entry into the additive market. more

TCT Asia

Porsche Classic


Porsche, the German automotive manufacturer, has revealed its use of 3D printing to manufacture spare parts for its classic car division. more


Proto Labs Nickel plating

Proto Labs

Proto Labs, a digital manufacturing company, is now offering specialist plating services for plastic parts built using Stereolithography (SL) or Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). more


UK 3D printing service bureau, Graphite Additive Manufacturing (AM) is kickstarting 2018 with a new EXPRESS fast-track service for SLS parts. more


In his latest column, Todd Grimm warns why getting carried away with oneself at 3D printing tradeshow is not a good idea. more

The Todd Grimm Column

At formnext powered by TCT, SABIC's Keith Cox gave TCT a tour of its booth, letting us in on the company's additive manufacturing strategy on the back of another two product launches. more

TCT Conference @ Formnext

Sintratec’s desktop SLS 3D printing systems will now be distributed to the Benelux region after the company partnered with Netherlands-based ColorFabb. more


3D Systems ProX SLS 500

3D Systems

3D Systems has announced a 30% cut to the price of its production-ready ProX SLS 500 3D printing system in North America and Europe. more


The giant of polymer 3D printing stepped into a further form of 3D printing but is currently only showing it in China. more

TCT Asia

Shining 3D is best known for a range of affordable, extrusion-based desktop 3D printers but here at TCT Asia 2017, the company is showing how ambitious it is with expansions into new areas of additive manufacturing technology. more

TCT Asia

Automotive manufacturer, Daimler installs Ricoh SLS technology to to further advance its rapid prototyping with innovative advanced materials. more


Polish 3D printing manufacturer, Sinterit has announced it has secured additional funding of €1.1 million through way of rights issue. The developer of desktop laser sintering systems received the investment from German additive manufacturer, FIT AG. more


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Laser Sintering (LS) is the most developed Additive Manufacturing technology for the production of industrial parts thus far. It is best suited to carry the industry beyond prototyping due to the mechanical properties attainable by sintering. more

Guest Blogs

Methods Machine Tools subsidiary, Methods 3D, have launched seven additive manufacturing laboratories strategically located across the US. The labs boast 18 printers with DMP, SLS and SLA capabilities. more