Sculpteo has partnered with Sony weeks after the XPeria XZ1 smartphone was launched with a pre-installed 3D Creator scanning app. more

13 Sep 2017 15:19 News

Plus ID Brazil 3D printed face prosthesis

Plus ID/ Caters News

A cancer survivor in Brazil has become the first person to receive a 3D-printed face prosthesis made with a smartphone after his right eye socket was removed. The cancer destroyed facial tissue, half the roof of his mouth and damaged his throat. more

10 Nov 2016 11:14 News

Bevel smartphone attachment lands on Kickstarter to bring affordable 3D photography to smartphones and tablets. more

10 Aug 2015 14:24 Imaging

What happened when Jabil tried 3D Printing a handset cover at its antenna on the same machine?

Girish Wable, a technology expert from the world's third largest contract manufacturer, Jabil has written a blog exclusively for TCT on the company's attempts to additively manufacture a smartphone and its antennae. more

18 Jun 2015 17:10 Guest Column

3D Hubs have collaborated with the Fairphone project to allow Fairphone fans to print cases locally with a process that will take just 24 hours from design to manufacture. more

11 Jul 2014 15:48 PERSONALIZE

AstroPrint is a new platform, which gives a whole new lease of life to your 3D printer with smartphone and tablet control. more

20 May 2014 17:10 PERSONALIZE

After their successful app and printing demo at CES 2014, 3D Systems have partnered with Samsung again to help out with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5. more

25 Feb 2014 15:19 PERSONALIZE

The Cube 3's new nozzle system


Daniel O'Connor takes a look at the advancements in consumer 3D Printing he saw at International CES 2014. more

16 Jan 2014 17:02 PERSONALIZE

South African friends Pieter and Gerhard decided that 3D printing needed to be smarter so they wrote an app for their Window's Phone to print directly. more

7 Nov 2013 12:03 PERSONALIZE

Injection-moulded smartphone breathalyzer scoops Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award. more

23 Sep 2013 16:16 News

vrAse have launched their Kickstarter campaign for their amazing 3D printed smartphone case. more

4 Sep 2013 21:22 PERSONALIZE

Pelican Imaging

Pelican Imaging

Pelican Imaging a developer of smartphone cameras are about to introduce their light-field lenses to the world, they will be able to measure depth and produce highly detailed 3D scans. more

18 Jun 2013 00:00 PERSONALIZE



Although we've seen many variations on the Kinnect theme we've seen few apps that cap capture a high quality point cloud. Is Moedls, shortlisted for Engadget's Insert Coin Awards, the solution? more

25 Feb 2013 10:55 PERSONALIZE

Moedls demonstarte their 3D scanning app and kit that creates complex models on your smartphone more

25 Feb 2013 10:50 Videos