CEO of Solidoodle Sam Cervantes talks to TCT about the Solidoodle Press, Solidoodle Workbench and the re-launch of the Solidoodles file repository. more

9 Jan 2015 21:06 TCT Events



Sam Cervantes set up Solidoodle in 2011 and in the years since has grown the firm into one of the most recognised desktop 3D printer firms. Their latest offering could be set to take a huge slice of the consumer 3D printing pie. more

5 Aug 2014 15:01 PERSONALIZE

One word to describe Solidoodle's fourth generation 3D printer: slick. TCT Magazine spoke to Sam Cervantes and Yahea Abdulla at International CES. more

10 Jan 2014 21:40 TCT Events


TCT + Personalize

Personalize is at International CES 2014 and has gathered a gallery of the 14 new printers being exhibited on the show floor. more

10 Jan 2014 02:58 PERSONALIZE

In the day and age when the Instagram filter is king this 3D printing Kickstarter project hopes to show us all how ethereal photography is really done. more

15 Oct 2013 14:30 PERSONALIZE

3D Printed Aston Martin DB4

Ivan Sentch

If you haven't got a spare few million in the bank but do really want an Aston Martin DB4 then this New Zealand man has the answer for you. more

31 Jul 2013 12:14 PERSONALIZE

While one Brooklyn-based 3D printing firm are grabbing all the headlines by being acquired, another is quietly going about their business and making a heck of a lot of money in the meantime. more

2 Jul 2013 12:23 PERSONALIZE

The world's largest 3D printing store is set to open its doors to the world on the 30th April. They certainly haven't pulled any punches in terms of the guest list; it's a veritable who's who of 3D printing. more

25 Apr 2013 12:00 PERSONALIZE

iMakr is preparing for its two glittering open evenings to celebrate the launch of its flagship London store next week. more

25 Apr 2013 11:56 News

In a disused community bakery in Beirut there's a mini revolution going on as a Parisian architect opens the first 3D printing shop in the Middle East called Rapid Manufactory. more

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iMakr is anticipating the imminent arrival of the Solidoodle3 at its soon-to-open London store, while both companies are teaming up for an event in NYC. more

19 Apr 2013 11:53 News

This month's Inside 3D Printing Expo in NYC has been spruced up with the news that not only will Solidoodle be exhibiting at the show but they'll also be hosting the after party. more

9 Apr 2013 10:00 PERSONALIZE

UPDATE: iMakr will open the world's largest 3D printing store in Central London on 30th April. The establishment is set to offer workshops, 3D printing services, 3D scanning etc. all under one roof. more

26 Mar 2013 10:00 PERSONALIZE

Rio de Janeiro

By Klaus with K, CC-BY-SA-3.0, or CC-BY-SA-2.5, via Wikimedia Commons.

Brazil is tipped to become a major economic player, but is the 3D printing industry making inroads into this thriving marketplace yet? more

14 Mar 2013 10:36 News 1 Comments

In a slightly unusual turn for the the Brooklyn based outfit Solidoodle announced at their press conference that they would be opening stores in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan more

1 Mar 2013 15:45 PERSONALIZE

PBS Off Book


PBS's Off Book web series gets four leading 3D printing industry experts together to talk about where the tech is at, what complications it faces and where it is going next more

1 Mar 2013 10:37 PERSONALIZE

The second generation Solidoodle 3D Printer is now available fully assembled for just $499. more

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