Stereolithography Apparatus

3D Printing is older than you think, watch this video on Stereolithography on Good Morning America in 1989. Chuck Hull is interviewed explaining the process of SLA. Read more


Startup Formlabs are giving the big boys a run for their money, with a super slick launch of a super slick product — the Stereolithography-based Form1 3D printer. WANT. Read more


Competing in the prestigious Formula Student 2012 challenge, a 16-man strong team of next-generation engineers from Group T have unveiled the world’s first race car created in great part through 3D Printing: the Areion. Read more


Why The Idea of a Personal Factory Induced Me To Start Geomagic (Part 1)

Part I of two blog posts by Ping Fu, CEO of Geomagic, on the path that led her to found a ground-breaking 3D software company... Read more

16 Jul 2012 11:15 Guest Column