Stereolithography Apparatus

3D Printing is older than you think, watch this video on Stereolithography on Good Morning America in 1989. Chuck Hull is interviewed explaining the process of SLA. more

2 Aug 2013 10:12 Videos

Startup Formlabs are giving the big boys a run for their money, with a super slick launch of a super slick product — the Stereolithography-based Form1 3D printer. WANT. more

27 Sep 2012 11:51 PERSONALIZE

Competing in the prestigious Formula Student 2012 challenge, a 16-man strong team of next-generation engineers from Group T have unveiled the world’s first race car created in great part through 3D Printing: the Areion. more

30 Aug 2012 09:23 PERSONALIZE

Why The Idea of a Personal Factory Induced Me To Start Geomagic (Part 1)

Part I of two blog posts by Ping Fu, CEO of Geomagic, on the path that led her to found a ground-breaking 3D software company... more

16 Jul 2012 11:15 Guest Column