PocketMaker 3D family

PocketMaker 3D

A group of young designers from Beijing have developed an affordable, miniature 3D printing system. The PocketMaker has resisted expendable features and is set to retail at around $149 if and when it launches next year. more

9 Nov 2016 16:33 News

The 3MF Consortium consisting of the likes of Microsoft, HP, Autodesk, Shapeways, netfabb, SLM and Dassault Systemes launch a new file format for the additive manufacturing community. more

1 May 2015 10:10 News

Materialise’s new cloud services to power 3D Warehouse’s Printables feature, generating high-quality STL files for 3D printing. more

27 Apr 2015 15:41 News

Latest version of LimitState:FIX file fixing software promises simplified preparation of files for 3D printing with automatic, one-click process. more

16 Apr 2015 10:36 Software

Magics by Materialise


After nearly 20 years, additive manufacturing software stalwart Magics by Materialise is still going strong with its 18th incarnation. more

4 Nov 2013 09:24 Software

The truth is that in the world of AM, unless your 3D model is clean and watertight you will not be able to make the part. You don't want to know how your software works, you just want it to generate watertight models ready for printing. more

10 Apr 2013 15:30 Software

Find out how this simple browser-based free service could save you time and money through repairing you STL files pre 3D printing. more

9 Apr 2013 16:27 PERSONALIZE

As AM and 3DP technology increasingly outgrows it's traditional file format, STL, it's time to usher in the age of AMF more

8 Sep 2011 14:15 News