The Color Company

The Color Company

The Color Company

Picking up a 3D print along with your shopping could become a reality as two companies bring the technology to the high street. TCT and Personalize chatted to The Color Company and iMakr. Read more

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Anna May

The Color Company/JAL-Design

With 3D printing stores popping up left right and centre the traditional "2D" printing firms are keen to get in on the act. The first to do so in the UK is The Color Company, Personalize paid them a visit. Read more


London 2012 – No, not the Olympics! 3D Printing on the High Street

London is the place to be right now — with a spectacular celebration of all that is good about the Olympics' host nation in 2012. And now, the city can boast another accolade — the Color Company’s seven stores offer 3D printing on the high street. Read more

7 Aug 2012 16:42 Guest Column