MakerBot Educators Program


MakerBot is hoping to promote the use of 3D printing in classrooms across the United States with its brand new MakerBot Educators Program. Using the programme, educators will be able to share knowledge with each other and receive MakerBot guidance. more

26 Jan 2017 13:39 News

Game of Thrones sigils

The Crafty Robot

Designers at The Crafty Robot have created the sigil creatures from the four major Game of Thrones families: Targaryen (Dragon), Baratheon (Stag), Stark (Wolf) and Lannister (Lion). Powered by Fizzbits, the designs can be made to run around. more

21 Nov 2016 09:59 PERSONALIZE

MakerBot is opening up its Thingiverse Developer Program with new Thing App APIs to allow developers to add new functionalities to world's largest 3D printing community. more

12 Apr 2016 09:39 PERSONALIZE

The Belgian 3D Printing giant have collaborated to bring Materialise's Cloud Services to the masses of SketchUp of users across the globe. more

15 May 2015 12:41 News

World's largest 3D design destination joins forces with largest global 3D printing network to bring technology to more people. more

21 Apr 2015 15:55 News

Did your favourite movie miss out on a nomination at last night's Oscars ceremony? Or do you just really want an award to practice your acceptance speech with? Well thanks to Thingiverse, you can 3D print your own. more

23 Feb 2015 15:45 PERSONALIZE

Top picks from Thingiverse for those last minute Christmas bits with a personalised 3D printed touch. more


MakerBot and GE FirstBuild launch Icebox Challenge. more

5 Nov 2014 11:18 PERSONALIZE

i.materialise releases 3D printable files for the iPhone 6 on Thingiverse. more

12 Sep 2014 11:52 PERSONALIZE

At the opening ceremony of this year's World Cup a young paraplegic will step up and kick the first ball. Dan finds out how and gets his ThingiThursday on in celebration. more

12 Jun 2014 16:12 PERSONALIZE

The 2.5 million-year-old Taung Child skull has been 3D scanned so you can 3D print it. But how could this technique lead to some of the greatest scientific breakthroughs? more

22 May 2014 10:43 PERSONALIZE

Pokémon, the world's second most successful video game franchise has announced their latest games to much anticipation. While you wait here's five Pokémon 3D Prints for you to make. more

7 May 2014 20:02 PERSONALIZE

Dan goes back to printing with extrusion-based plastic and tries to print with two colours in this weeks Thingi Thursday. more

18 Apr 2014 10:51 PERSONALIZE

Series four commences this evening (or if you're a super fan at 2am just gone) here's a selection of 3D printable files to get you set! more

7 Apr 2014 16:59 PERSONALIZE

For this week's Thingi Thursday Dan tries to print the famously troublesome Gyrocube on the Form 1. See how he got on. more

20 Feb 2014 17:20 PERSONALIZE

If you're the forgetful sort or couldn't make it out to the shops to by a gift because of the weather, how about printing a gift right this second. Here's 5 of the best prints for you to download and print off. more

14 Feb 2014 13:01 PERSONALIZE

MakerBot launch the Thingiverse app on Android and Bananna3D launch their RepRap Phone Host for Windows smartphones. more

24 Jan 2014 11:58 PERSONALIZE

Raul Krauthausen

Raul Krauthausen

Raul Krauthausen has brittle bone disease, he uses a wheelchair to get around, his is often faced with the obstacle of high steps, he sees obstacles as merely a challenge to overcome and overcome he does. more

14 Jan 2014 17:27 PERSONALIZE 1 Comments

MakerBot has unveiled three new 3D printers at International CES, including the new large Z18 and the latest generation of the flagship prosumer Replicator 3D printer. more

7 Jan 2014 03:48 TCT Events 1 Comments

This boxing day Thingi Thursday we received a request from a young lady to print one of the villains from Minecraft. more

26 Dec 2013 14:00 PERSONALIZE