Titan Robotics

Triebold Paleontology, Inc, a provider of fossil-related services, has harnessed 3D scanning and 3D printing technology to produce a 1:1 scale model of a Stegosaurus skeleton displayed at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Read more


Titan Robotics showcased direct pellet fed 3D printing on the Atlas and new fully Yaskawa servo controlled 3D printer at RAPID + TCT. Read more


Titan Robotics Cronus

Large industrial 3D printer manufacturer, Titan Robotics featured its latest technology, The Cronus, at the CES 3D Printing Marketplace sponsored by TCT last week. The printer encompasses five print heads to build bigger parts in quicker time. Read more


The Colorado-based 3D printer manufacturer has unveiled a new look and several upgrades to it second large-format model. Read more


Custom 3D printer manufacturer, Titan Robotics showcases the benefits of BIG 3D printing with the Titan Atlas. Read more


3D printing startup launches second generation of large-format Atlas 3D printer ahead of debut at the CES 2016 3D Printing Marketplace. Read more