Swedish 3D printing manufacturer, Magicfirm Europe is now accepting orders for its new ZYYX pro 3D printer, following the success of its ZYYX+ machine. Read more


Zmorph 3D expands multifunctional 3D printing machine capability with new toolhead for engraving circuit boards for electronics. Read more


Design company 3D 2.0 begins crowdfunding campaign to bring handheld 3D printing finishing tool the Retouch3D to the market. Read more


Butch Wilmore with Ratchet

Made In Space

The NASA backed project Made In Space have emailed their first tool needed on the International Space Station and it WORKS. Read more


In with the New, Out with the Old

My blog post asking for opinions on 3D printing (20/06/12) seems to have got the writing juices flowing. Here is another response that was too good (and long) to post as a comment and merits its own spot in our guest blogger section on PersonaliZe. Read more

4 Jul 2012 13:22 Guest Column