Possibilities of 3D printing for toy customisation

Josefa Galvañ at the AIJU Technological Institute, discusses the possibilities of additive manufacturing (AM) in the toy industry and the impact of current safety regulations. more

12 Jan 2018 13:45 , Guest Column

A Kickstarter project is employing 3D scanning and 3D printing to produce a limited run of the Turbo Man action-figure from 1996 Christmas movie, Jingle All The Way. more

19 Dec 2016 14:17 PERSONALIZE

'3D printing factory in store' to introduce iconic Ford truck models and metal 3D printed keepsakes to toymaker kiosks in stores across the U.S. more

16 Feb 2016 12:26 PERSONALIZE

New sub-$300 Mattel 3D printer and design App, in collaboration with Autodesk, gives kids the tools to create their own unique dolls, robots, dinosaurs and accessories at home. more

15 Feb 2016 09:50 PERSONALIZE

The 3D Printed toy manufacture launch a new range of accessories and features, which support diversity in the toy box. more

15 May 2015 11:28 PERSONALIZE

Autodesk partners with Mattel on new series of 3D design apps for children that allow them to create custom toys. more

20 Apr 2015 16:27 PERSONALIZE

The House of Mouse are taking 3D printing seriously as their Research labs continuously publish studies on how the technology could be implemented into the wider business. Here's a rundown of the projects thus far... more

15 Aug 2014 12:07 News

Arden Rosenblatt of PieceMaker Technologies speaks to TCT about the success of the Factory in a Store and digitising the supply chain. more

6 Aug 2014 15:33 News

Disney Research

Disney, via YouTube

Disney researchers have developed a 3D printing technique that could take loudspeakers out of the box, potentially changing not only the rules for speakers but for toys and games. more

30 Apr 2014 10:13 News

3D Systems has announced its first acquisition of 2014 - Gentle Giant Studios, who pave the way for 3D Systems' foray into toys, collectibles and figurines. more

3 Jan 2014 15:15 News


Toys "R" Us Facebook

A giant rubber duck has finished invading, in celebration 3D Systems and Toys "R" Us have joined forces to create souvenirs for the departing water bird. more

7 Jun 2013 14:16 PERSONALIZE

MakieLab's Jo Roach presents Harry and David Cameron with their Makie dolls


Co-founder of MakieLab Jo Roach presented the Prince and the PM with their very own 3D printed dolls. more

15 May 2013 00:00 PERSONALIZE

Fisher Price 3D Printed 'Vinyls'

fred27 — Instructables user

Instructables user 'fred27' has developed a natty piece of software that allows budding music producers to 3D print their own 'vinyl' records... for 1970 kids' classic Fisher price Music-Box Record Player. more

4 Sep 2012 12:37 PERSONALIZE