Women in 3D Printing

The TCT Group is delighted to announce a collaboration with Women in 3D Printing for the 2019 edition of the TCT Awards. Read more


Panelists from LPW, GE Additive and The MTC to feature in the second #3DTALK event at TCT Show with Women in 3D Printing and Cyant. Read more

TCT Show

Deputy Group Editor, Laura Griffiths speaks to Kadine James at Hobs Studio about being a lead at the UK's largest 3D printing bureau and championing women in tech. Read more


TCT is teaming up with Women in 3D Printing and Cyant to dispel the myths of additive manufacturing in another #3DTalk panel session. Read more


Hear experts from Carbon, DSM, Added Scientific and LPW, discuss material advancements in 3D printing in the UK's first #3DTalk panel session. Read more

TCT Show

TCT teams up with Women in 3D Printing and Cyant to bring their #3DTalk panel event to the UK with Carbon, LPW, Added Scientific and DSM Somos. Read more

TCT Show