The company, known for its desktop composites technology have launched a new technology called ADAM, which it says is going to make metal 3D printing much more affordable. more

6 Jan 2017 15:59 CES

Nanoparticle Jetting founder, Xjet showcases ceramic 3D printing capabilities for the first time at formnext powered by tct. more

21 Nov 2016 10:02 formnext powered by tct

The Israeli 3D printing company's NanoParticle Jetting technology is set to make its European debut with new ceramic capabilities. more

8 Nov 2016 14:50 formnext powered by tct

Xjet will showcase its unique NanoParticle Jetting technology to the European market for the first time at formnext powered by tct in Frankfurt this month. more

1 Nov 2016 16:16 formnext powered by tct 1 Comments

XJet founder and CEO, Hanan Gothait, and CBO, Dror Danai, spoke to TCT about how XJet was founded and its unique NanoParticle Jetting process. more

20 May 2016 17:03 RAPID + TCT

Editor Daniel O'Connor got a closer look at XJet's groundbreaking metal Nanoparticle Jetting technology at RAPID. more

17 May 2016 21:34 RAPID + TCT

The Israeli company founded by the man who started Objet opens up publicly about its ink jet based metal 3D printing process at the St. Louis event. more

5 Apr 2016 22:40 News

Industry newcomer, XJet secures huge investment to launch its metal jetting process onto the market. more

3 Mar 2016 14:08 News