Yvonne van Zummeren

The presence of 3D printed jewellery is every increasing as demonstrated by top jewellery store American Pearl's growing popularity. more

27 Dec 2013 10:00 PERSONALIZE

Yvonne van Zummeren's Dysign label have released their new collection of stunning jewellery. The Russian Collection is dedicate to 900 years of Russian Art. more

6 Dec 2013 15:39 PERSONALIZE

The Pero

Studio Macura

The Netherlands is home to so many 3D printing outfits that it is fast overtaking New York as the home of 3D printing. Daniel O'Connor wonders why in his blog. more

30 Oct 2013 14:15 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

A new website launches, which aims to bring together the creme of the crop in 3D printing fashion and design. more

21 Oct 2013 11:50 PERSONALIZE

TCT Show + Personalize was proud to announce the "rock stars" billed for its main stage speaker sessions this year. Here's a snapshot of the talks. more

1 Oct 2013 14:37 2 Comments

Personalize editor, Daniel O'Connor, former reality television blogger, offers his views on his first ever TCT Show and chairing session in his blog. more

27 Sep 2013 11:34 PERSONALIZE

Dyvsign bracelet


The advancement of 3D printing materials and techniques has opened doors for the jewellery industry and TCT Show + Personalize hopes to showcase this. more

30 Aug 2013 12:15 News

Designer Yvonne van Zummeren is a jewellery designer who is not afraid to be brave by using 3D printing to transform elements of 20th century art into beautiful, wearable pieces - and she believes her work could help interest more women in technology more

24 Jul 2013 10:08 , ,

Next up in our series on TCT Show + Personalize speakers is designer Yvonne van Zummeren whose designs have become synonymous for the 3D printing jewellery movement. more

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