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TCT Magazine speaks to Ultimaker North America President, John Kawola about desktop 3D printing, open source platforms and the diverse supply of materials now available in the 3D printing industry. more

20 Apr 2017 10:00 News

LGM has been perfecting the 3d printing for architecture process since 2000 and Senior project Manager, Patrick Fleege, talked us through creating an incredible 3D printed model for a futuristic Big Apple apartment complex. more

21 Nov 2016 15:44 Guest Blogs

Sorry about that headline, Editor, Daniel O’Connor couldn’t resist thanks to the news that South Park and Source3 have teamed up to offer a series of unique collectables. more

23 Aug 2016 17:11 PERSONALIZE

Claiming that its printer is the best solution for full-colour desktop 3D printing the more

18 Dec 2015 14:58 News

Daniel O'Connor takes a look at 3D Systems' CEO split and ponders whether the parting one of consumer 3D printing's champions means the end of the road for the consumer 3D printing dream more

30 Oct 2015 11:12 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

Troadey Inc. launches Express Print Service for fast and affordable 3D printing with modified Zcorp machine. more

6 Feb 2015 09:29 News

The term "game-changer" is bandied around a lot in this industry but never was it more applicable than to Reebok's Checklight wearable warning system for concussion, which was an award winner at last year's CES. more

24 Dec 2014 10:39 TCT Events

Mcor Technologies Ltd today announced it has appointed former Z Corporation CEO Tom Clay to its board of directors. more

26 Nov 2014 07:55 Euromold News

A story of how a notification on a social networking site can lead you on the road to discovery. more

20 Nov 2014 12:22 News

A new system using prefabricated ceramic building blocks could revolutionise how people use ceramic 3D printing. more

23 Jun 2014 10:39 News

Refugees are a forgotten about community in South Korea, Cheil and the Seoul Museum of Art are attempting to change that with an excellent exhibition. more

21 Feb 2014 16:07 PERSONALIZE

3D Printing the Future

Jennie Hills/Science Museum London

TCT Magazine was at the launch of 3D Printing the Future at the London Science Museum, a look at the technology's applications and how it affects ordinary people's lives. more

9 Oct 2013 09:30 News

The beverage giant and sports juggernaut are using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology to showcase a range of their products. more

21 Aug 2013 16:26 PERSONALIZE

Wohlers 2013

Wohlers Associates

Key industry document the Wohlers Report 2013 has been published, giving the 3D printing industry a valuable overview of the market and its outlook. more

4 Jun 2013 10:30 News

Chalk Studios.jpg


TCT Magazine had the pleasure of meeting some of the Chalk team in London earlier this month, where they discussed their work and the importance of showcasing the best of 3D printing to the market. more

15 May 2013 10:09 News

3D Systems has announced the acquisition of Rapid Product Development Group. more

1 May 2013 14:18 News


By Vineeshkoomully, via Wikimedia Commons

India has been working to position itself as a global technology nucleus, but 3D printing is yet to emerge. more

12 Mar 2013 15:41 News

3D Systems vs Stratasys


Stratasys and 3D Systems have positioned themselves at the very top of the 3D printing industry pyramid, but will one topple the other? more

7 Mar 2013 10:31 News

The Terrainator


The Terrainator, a WebGL platform that allows the user to select an area of land using google maps to turn into a scaled 3D printed model, has been a big hit here at Personalize. We speak to the creator Dan Wilson. more

5 Mar 2013 10:15 PERSONALIZE