Californian additive manufacturing company, ALT LLC has announced it will launch an Indiegogo Campaign to recycle plastics for high performance 3D printing filament, after it realised AM methods introduce plastic waste into landfills and waterways. more

8 Dec 2016 15:24 News

Detroit stadium regen

YouTube/ Stratasys

Olympia Entertainment is putting its ambitious plan to breathe life into downtown Detroit in place with a a new multi-purpose stadium. 3D printing accelerated the redevelopment project, being used to create two scale models. more

8 Dec 2016 14:03

Vert.04 technology Vert Rotors

Vert Rotors/ Vimeo

Vert Rotors, a producer of miniature compressors from composites based on its proprietary technology, has created the world’s smallest high-pressure clean air compressor using 3D printing - the first real innovation in this technology for a century. more

8 Dec 2016 11:05 News

Branch Technology, a company committed to modernising the architecture industry, has justified its intentions with a 3D-printed open air children’s pavilion in Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, Nashville, Tennessee. more

8 Dec 2016 09:37 News

Louiss Vuitton pop up store

Andy McCourt

Melbourne-based large-format 3D printing company Omus has helped Louis Vuitton become the first business in the world to construct a 3D-printed point-of-sale location. The pop-up store was created using Massivit 1800 3D printers in just two weeks. more

7 Dec 2016 15:08 News

Fashion designer, Danit Peleg, who uses 3D printing to create innovative custom clothing, has been selected in Apparel Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 list. Peleg has been consistently committed to incorporating technology into her fashion design. more

7 Dec 2016 13:52 News

Advanced Fusion Plastic Modelling is said to deliver superior form and filament compared to other additive techniques, such as SLS, FDM and FFF, and thus produce output which is more accurate. more

7 Dec 2016 10:47 News

Fusion3 has announced a significant expansion of the number of materials its flagship F400 3D printer can support. The announcement comes as the 3D printer manufacturing company continues to build on its open material philosophy. more

7 Dec 2016 09:44 News

Two US science and technology national laboratories have been awarded $5 million from the United States Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO). AMO believe metal alloys have lagged behind that of plastics and polymers. more

6 Dec 2016 16:43 News

3D Printers: Desktop Market Still Growing but Metal Printers Prop Up Struggling Industrial Segment in 1H 2016

Chris Connery leads the 3D printing effort for CONTEXT and in this blog, video and podcast he presents his latest 3D printing market research. more

6 Dec 2016 16:30 Guest Column

Parents-to-be will soon be able to have a greater understanding of what is happening to their unborn child thanks to 3D foetal models created from MRI scans. The 3D-printed models could be used to visualise the internal organs of a foetus. more

6 Dec 2016 15:18 Imaging

Sony a7S II cameras on Sumo360 rig


Sony’s a7S II camera can now deliver high quality images at 360 degrees, thanks to a 3D-printed mount designed by Sumo that stations four of the cameras together. The rig holds four cameras in portrait position allowing a 360 view to be shot. more

6 Dec 2016 12:16 PERSONALIZE

Andy Goralczyk Bender Institute


The Blender Institute, a full 3D creation software suite compatible with the entire 3D pipeline, has opened the door for players in the Free and Open Source Software community to collaborate, using LulzBot 3D printers to create engaging art. more

6 Dec 2016 10:50 Software

EnvisionTEC’s 3D-Bioplotter System


Beckatt Solutions, a 3D printer distributor based in Illinois, has added EnvisionTEC 3D printers to its product range. As an authorised distributor Beckatt Solutions will sell and support the 3D printer manufacturer’s DLP and 3SP lines of 3D printers more

5 Dec 2016 16:50 News

Global technology group, HP has begun shipping its Jet Fusion 3D 4200 Printer to its co-development partners in Europe and North America. Jabil, Materialise and Shapeways are among the customers that will be receiving these initial installations. more

5 Dec 2016 15:09 News

Land Rover BAR sailing boat

Land Rover BAR/ Twitter

Land Rover BAR have enhanced their performance by using additive manufacturing techniques into their daily production processes. With the help of the team’s Technical Innovation Group and Renishaw, Land Rover BAR have adopted Am at three team levels. more

5 Dec 2016 13:57 News

Celprogen Inc

Celprogen Inc

Celprogen Inc, a leader in the Stem Cell Research and Therapeutics industry since 2002, have successfully finished printing a 3D pancreas model from flexible Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) material scaffold. more

5 Dec 2016 11:23 News

3D Builder app


3D Builder, the three-dimensional scanning app ran by Microsoft, has been made available on Windows 10 mobile devices and Xbox One consoles. The app was first released on Windows 10 PCs in 2014, but it can now be downloaded for free on mobile devices more

5 Dec 2016 10:31 News

Audi Lunar Quattro


Audi is set to launch a lunar rover made with weight-saving 3D-printed aluminium parts by the end of next year. Working with Part Time Scientists since 2015, the goal is to send the co-developed rover to the moon and complete a set of required tasks. more

2 Dec 2016 15:47 News

Red meat

Flickr: Hideya Hamano

Meat and Livestock Australia are using 3D technology to explore ways to produce soft meat products which will enable people who have problems chewing, such as the elderly, to consume vital nutrients. more

2 Dec 2016 12:03 News