Delcam announces range of new features in latest version of FeatureCAM 2016 R3 software designed for automating CNC programming. more »

27 Jun 2016 16:54 Software

Markforged breaks new ground with Onyx material embedded with carbon micro-fibres promising high-performance prints with finished quality. more »

24 Jun 2016 15:23 News

Laura speaks with Simon Fried, Co-founder of Nano Dimension about how the Israeli 3D printed electronics company is changing the role of PCBs. more »

23 Jun 2016 14:52 News

Materialise launches latest Mimics Innovation Suite focuses with reduced segmentation time and easier FEA mesh preparation for medical models. more »

23 Jun 2016 11:39 Software

To mark #NWED2016 we speak to women in the industry who are working to challenge stereotypes and inspire young female engineers. more »

22 Jun 2016 15:21 Laura Griffith's Blog

The 21st TCT Show + Personalize is set to reintroduce the Inspex brand to the UK 3D manufacturing market on 28-29th September at NEC, Birmingham. more »

22 Jun 2016 10:25 TCT Show + Personalize UK

Muncaster sets target of £400,000 to ramp up initial sales of its S3 machine and proposes a new evolution in simple, subtractive technology. more »

21 Jun 2016 14:48 News

The company behind the Micro 3D printer and one of the most successful 3D printing Kickstarter campaigns to date launches new machine. more »

21 Jun 2016 14:00 News

A year after setting up one of the UK's leading 3D printing service bureaux we revisit 3D Print Bureau to find out how things are going. more »

21 Jun 2016 08:51 Services

The Japanese automaker is to deliver on mass-customisation vision with Effect Skins 3D printing project. more »

20 Jun 2016 16:46 News

Autodesk announces various updates to Forge platform, including new cloud application expansion tools and services. more »

17 Jun 2016 15:07 Software

The purmundus challenge 2016 is now accepting entries for its "3D printing for the Mobile Individual" design competition taking place at formnext. more »

17 Jun 2016 11:00 Formnext

The latest issue of TCT Magazine + Personalize European Edition is here. Get your digital copy for FREE on the TCT app. more »

16 Jun 2016 11:28 News

One of Germany’s leading Additive Manufacturing (AM) and research innovators has become the inaugural adopter of Ricoh’s first 3D printer. more »

16 Jun 2016 11:04 News

The 3D printing pioneer has hired John N. McMullen, formerly of Kodak and HP, as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. more »

16 Jun 2016 09:46 News

Partnership between Nano Dimensions and Accellta leads to the success of BioPrinted Stem cell-copied tissues with 3D printing technologies. more »

15 Jun 2016 14:17 News

Collaboration between Materialise and Luxexcel to develop custom Build Processor for the 3D printed optics company's unique additive manufacturing process. more »

15 Jun 2016 11:22 Software

Nikon Metrology introduces new non-contact 3D measuring system for inspection of gears, turbine blades and other complex parts. more »

14 Jun 2016 16:24 Imaging

Renishaw is to open the doors to a new additive manufacturing Solutions Centre in Pune, India to help lower the barrier to entry for metal 3D printing. more »

14 Jun 2016 14:21 News

New website from Nexeo Solutions brings exclusive online access to Arnitel ID and Novamid ID 3D printing filaments developed by DSM. more »

14 Jun 2016 12:04 News