EOS announces completion of pilot with TUSAS Engine Ind. Inc. for EOSTATE MeltPool additive manufacturing analysis solution. more »

26 Aug 2016 15:56 News

With well over two months until the 2nd ever formnext powered by tct exhibition space has sold out despite a 40 percent increase in size. more »

26 Aug 2016 15:53 News

Computing hardware company ASUS have taken one step towards mass customisation using 3D printing by allowing DIY PC builders to personalise their motherboards using 3D printed embellishments. more »

25 Aug 2016 15:28 News

Olli outside Local Motors HQ

Local Motors

There's always talk about the future applications of additive manufacturing for the automotive industry but Editor, Daniel O’Connor takes a look how automakers are deploying 3D printing tech in the here and now. more »

24 Aug 2016 17:06 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

Sorry about that headline, Editor, Daniel O’Connor couldn’t resist thanks to the news that South Park and Source3 have teamed up to offer a series of unique collectables. more »

23 Aug 2016 17:11 PERSONALIZE

Motorsport has always been one of 3D printing's earliest and most innovative adopters but most case studies tend to be on vehicles with four wheels, this story from Renishaw showcases how it benefits those on two wheels too. more »

22 Aug 2016 16:39 News

In his blog Editor, Daniel O'Connor bemoans the lack of transparency that is often involved in backing a crowd funded 3D printing project. more »

19 Aug 2016 14:59 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

The manufacturer of LulzBot brand of 3D printers is 122nd overall in Inc.'s prestigious Inc. 500 list of fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S. more »

18 Aug 2016 11:58 News

Daniel O’Connor takes a look at the role 3D printing is playing in firing up foundries by remixing old casting techniques. more »

17 Aug 2016 16:11 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

Dinsmore Inc. and Midwest Prototyping will become the newest service bureau partners to offer Carbon’s M1 machine and CLIP technology as part of their additive manufacturing services more »

16 Aug 2016 14:00 News

In his regular column 3D printing industry stalwart Todd Grimm discusses how businesses should look to justify a move to an additive manufacturing process. more »

15 Aug 2016 16:08 The Todd Grimm Column

Autodesk makes its full 3D design software portfolio available to over 1000 Fab Labs in latest world-wide initiative. more »

12 Aug 2016 14:28 Software

Editor, Daniel O'Connor visits CA Models in Stirling, the home of the UK's first commercially available machine from SLM Solutions. more »

11 Aug 2016 16:34 News

The latest issue of TCT Magazine North American Edition is here. Get your digital copy for FREE on the TCT app. more »

11 Aug 2016 14:10 News

HCS teams with Filamentprint (UK) Ltd and Fullerex to launch Graphene filament at TCT Show. more »

11 Aug 2016 09:11 TCT Show + Personalize UK

De Beers Technologies has installed two Stratasys 3D printers at its diamond R&D centre in Maidenhead, UK. more »

10 Aug 2016 16:11 News

A review of the 11th annual event featuring talks from NASA, GSK, HiETA Technologies and more. more »

10 Aug 2016 10:20 News

The latest issue of TCT Magazine + Personalize European Edition is here. Get your digital copy for FREE on the TCT app. more »

9 Aug 2016 14:39 News

Breathing a new life into historic cars

Kieran Salter, Managing Director at KWSP discusses the impact 3D printing is having on the classic car market. more »

9 Aug 2016 10:57 Guest Column 1 Comments

voxeljet's large format 3D printers to enable foundries optimise production in Mexican automotive industry. more »

9 Aug 2016 10:26 News